The Condor
Origami Paper Airplane

fold up corners - making the Zump aeroplane

True origami, and a flying paper airplane as well! The Canada Goose, Duck and the Condor are all for fairly advanced folders, who can make very accurate folds, from the start. All three share a common structure, so the first folds for the Duck are the same as for the Goose. Later in these instructions you'll have a chance to finish your model as any of the three, choose the Duck then. Or if you are confident that you remember the instructions for the Canada Goose, go to the bottom of this page, and skip to the last instructions for the Condor.

Diagrams and instructions for folding the Zump folded paper airplane, a new and original design

1. Cut out a triangle of paper with a base of 10 inches and a height of 7 and 7/8 inches. Use a straight edge, and try to follow these measurements as precisely as you can.

2. Fold and unfold the triangle in half, in order to crease it, along each of the three lines shown.

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