Paper airplanes - Fold the best paper airplanes!

The Tumbler

unfold, leaving crease - making Delty aeroplane

5. Reverse fold downward the front 3/5 of the triangle now sticking up in the center.

unfold, leaving crease - making Delty aeroplane

6. Without changing any folds, adjust their ang1es to produce a likeness of this and the next diagram. - make sure that the "wings" do not ang1e too much upward or downward, that the center structure is not too steep or shallow, etc. Also, make sure that the "wings" are flat, not warped by looking at them head on, as in illustration 7.

fold up corners - making the Zump aeroplane

7. The ticker tumbler flies by tumbling over itself along a glide path - it is a good duration flier, and can be said to glide, since it has a glide ratio that's greater than 1. In fact it moves about 2 feet forward for every foot it drops.

You launch this unusual paper airplane in an unusual way: by holding at point "A" in fig.7, with your index finger above, and thumb and middle finger below. Quickly but gently "flick" it forward while at the same time pulling its back end down, to set it tumbling forward. (There's a knack to this)

Get the launch right, and you've got yourself not just a new flying toy, but a new kind of flying toy.

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